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PulsaJet Nozzles

PulsaJet® Automatic Spray Nozzles: Unmatched Precision for the Most Demanding Coating, Sealing and Marking Operations

The PulsaJet® Family of Automatic Spray Nozzles Provides Accurate Spray Placement and Excellent Spray Pattern Integrity with a Wide Range of Design Options, Including:

  • Speeds up to 10,000 cycles per minute
  • Hydraulic or air atomizing spray tips, including selected quick-connect tips
  • Flow rates up to 15.8 gpm (59.8 l/min)
  • Fluid pressures up to 350 psi (24 bar)
  • Intrinsically-safe versions
PWM Flow Control
PWM Flow Control


Key Benefit Overview

  • Increased productivity: High speed cycling – up to 10,000 cycles per minute – means faster line speeds and a boost in throughput
  • Eliminate waste of costly fluids: Accurate spray placement and exceptional spray pattern integrity ensure the sprayed solution is delivered to the target with minimal waste
  • Improved worker safety: Reducing or eliminating misting and overspray greatly improves the work environment, especially where slippery or toxic liquids are sprayed
  • More flexibility without having to change spray tips: High turndown ratio allows a wide range of flow rates from spray tips. Downtime for tip changeout and overall nozzle expense can be reduced
  • Smooth integration to most work environments: A compact design enables PulsaJet nozzles to be added to most production areas without costly reconfiguration
  • Choice of hydraulic or air atomizing versions: Choose the right atomization method for your application with the same high speed cycling. Hydraulic PulsaJet nozzles can often be used to reduce misting in many applications that previously required air atomizing nozzles
  • Improved and automated QC: Add SprayCheck™ sensors to PulsaJet nozzles for real-time spray verification. If spraying doesn’t occur, costly quality problems can be quickly avoided
  • Reduced maintenance time caused by clogged tips: PulsaJet nozzles operate at low flow rates using clog resistant larger spray tips resulting in a reduction in maintenance downtime
  • Faster routine maintenance: Wear parts are easily accessible to minimize maintenance time


  • Multiple models available: hydraulic and air atomizing, standard or quick change tips, high pressure, intrinsically safe, and with 45° adapter. Models conforming to FM, CSA, CE and ATEX standards are available
  • Accepts standard UniJet® spray tips and QuickJet® quick change spray tips, flat spray tips and JJ air atomizing tips depending on the model 
  • Mounting on the front, sides or back with #8-32 UNC threaded screws
  • Wetted parts are constructed of stainless steel, Ryton® and PEEK™ for maximum chemical resistance; seals are Viton®
  • Maximum cycles per minute: up to 10,000 (depending on model) with Model 2250 AutoJet® Spray Controller
  • Power: 24V DC actuation, .36 to 1.1 AMP depending on model
  • Inlet connection: 1⁄8" to 3/8" NPT or BSPT
  • Maximum operating pressure: 350 psi (24 bar)
  • Maximum flow rate range: .16 to 15.8 gpm at 100 psi (.61 to 59.8 l/min at 7 bar)
  • Maximum fluid operating temperature: 100°F to 200°F (38°C to 94°C)
  • Weight: 9 to 56 oz. (.26 to 1.60 kg) depending on model

Ryton® is a registered trademark of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC
PEEK™ is a trademark of Victrex plc Corporation
Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers

2250 AutoJet Spray Controller
AutoJet Spray Controller

To Fully Optimize Performance of PulsaJet Nozzles, AutoJet® Spray Controllers are Recommended

AutoJet spray controllers with onboard software enhances performance by: 

  • Maximizing cycle speeds and providing advanced timing control ensure even coverage without waste
  • Precisely controlling liquid and atomizing air pressure to ensure consistent flow rate, spray angle and drop size
  • Enabling Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) flow control which adjusts flow rate at a fixed pressure. The AutoJet spray controller, cycles the nozzles on and off quickly at a controlled frequency. For a duty cycle of 50%, the nozzle sprays half the time and the flow will be 50% of the maximum flow rate at a given pressure for the nozzle
  • Monitoring performance in real-time with alarm activation or automatic shutdown on selected faults
  • Providing intelligent fault messages to improve troubleshooting should spray performance degrade
  • Enabling the addition of SprayCheck™ monitoring to detect and confirm the presence of a spray pattern to improve verification and quality

Typical Applications for PulsaJet Nozzles

Coating & Moistening

  • Adding flavorings and preservatives to food products
  • Coating bottles to minimize scuffing on bottling lines and in transit
  • Applying antimicrobial agents on meat and poultry products
  • Adding fragrances to paper products
  • Spraying egg coating on baked goods prior to baking
  • Moistening particle board to suppress sawdust and reduce scrap rate
  • Adding water to frozen foods to balance moisture loss in freezer


  • Nail line marking on roof shingles and other building materials

Lubricating & Adhesive Spray

  • Applying die lube and mold release for metal and plastic parts
  • Lubricating steel strip prior to forming
  • Spraying release agent on screens and drums in wood building panel manufacturing
  • Applying adhesive to packaging materials to prevent slippage on pallets
  • Applying adhesive on tire treads

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